Who We Are

ShreeHari Enterprise began operations in October 2005, having acquired the assets of Colgate Palmolive Ltd. inclusive of the 85,000 square-foot office and warehouse facility at 216 Marcus Garvey in Kingston and the distribution of the flagship brand of products throughout India.

In the seven (7) years of operations, ShreeHari Enterprise has firmly established itself as a strong player in the oral care, household and  skin care markets with a staff complement of over 150 persons representing not only Colgate Palmolive, but Johnson & Johnson and a number of Local and International brands.

In keeping with its focus on growth, the company increased its warehouse capacity through strategic re-racking of the existing facilities in addition to the building of additional warehouse space.

ShreeHari Enterprise takes a holistic approach to business; this has resulted in customer satisfaction, supplier confidence, employee retention and loyalty and strong community spirit.